November - 2019

GVT – the luxurious, sophisticated Marble look

You will find it hard to think of a more versatile flooring material than glazed vitrified tiles or GVT. They’re renowned for their high durability, easy maintenance and ease of installation, and are among the most recommended choices when it comes to floors.

The Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles produced by Vitero, use a finer, denser, more impervious clay, feldspar and other raw materials in their purest form. They are “formed” using a higher pressure, and are subsequently fired at higher temperatures. This makes Vitero GVT Tiles stronger, harder, and more damage resistant than other tiles.

Natural Marble Look

We offer a wide range of marble finish GVT tiles that precisely mimic the lustre and opulence of marble, while eliminating almost all of its shortcomings. To appreciate just how closely Vitero Glazed Vitrified Marble Tiles emulate the real thing, check them out, compare and only then decide.

The warm pearly tones and delicate veining of our tiles perfectly replicate the splendour of the historical marble floors seen in Indian and European palaces.

The bright, polished, sumptuous finish, the naturalness of the veins, and the richness evoke the exuberance of luxury.

Vitero’s striking marble effect is a superb example of how wonderfully marble effect tiles simulate the grandeur of marble.

Eliminate The Drawbacks Of Marble Stone

In terms of appearance, our marble finish wall and floor tiles do exactly what they are meant to achieve. They have an amazing ability to emulate the real thing. However, their real attraction is that while doing so they also eliminate almost every drawback of using marble in the home or even in commercial spaces.

Minimal Wastage

Our marble finish vitrified tiles are far less expensive than marble, and come in sizes that ensure there is little to no wastage which keeps cost down to a minimum.

Less Installation Work

Unlike natural marble, installing Vitero marble effect digital tiles is not a complicated procedure. The tiles can be easily laid and are ready for service within 48 hours after laying.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

As these tiles are far less absorbent than marble, they do not stain. This makes it easier to keep them clean and look shiny and new for years. In addition, they are bacteria free.

Unlike real marble, Vitero’s digital glazed vitrified tiles are easy to maintain and do not need polishing, sealing, and the use of expensive cleaning agents. They are also acid and alkali resistant and essentially water-proof.


Unlike other kind of tiles, our marble finish glazed vitrified tiles are scratch-proof due to their very high abrasion resistance. They are remarkably strong with excellent durability, making them wear-proof and suited for heavy traffic areas. These tiles do not chip easily and don’t crack in extreme temperature conditions.

No Tile Like A VITERO Tile

Choosing floor tiles is a long-term commitment. Although it is easy to change your furniture, fixtures and fittings, your tiles are far more permanent. So choosing the right kind of tile – one that is both beautiful and practical – is a particularly important decision.

Bring home the splendor of marble while leaving aside the drawbacks of it with Vitero’s Lusso collection. Now, enjoy the beauty of marble without the worry of maintaining it.

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