Modern Floor Tiles: Types of Vitrified Tiles Available in the Market

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Some of us want a homely, natural look in our house or office space while some love a classy, elegant look that exudes sophistication. If you belong to the latter category, vitrified tiles are your go-to option.

Vitrified tiles are predominantly made of a mixture of clay and silica, feldspar and quartz. When heated at a high temperature, these materials fuse together, giving rise to strong, durable, and resistant tiles. The process of vitrification also lends them a glass-like glossy texture, boosting the overall appearance of the flooring.


Read on to know more about the different types of vitrified tiles:


  1. Full body vitrified tiles

The pigment in these tiles is uniformly distributed, further enabling the design to be spread across evenly. It provides a good defence against chipping, making it a good choice in areas that receive heavy footfall – mainly public spaces like malls and airports.


  1. Double charged vitrified tiles


These tiles have a double layer of pigment which gives them the ability to withstand wear and tear. The designs are minimalist and look like natural wood/marble/granite. These tiles are the best pick for commercial projects like retail, factories, and education.


  1. Digital or glazed vitrified tiles


These tiles focus on design, texture variety and art-work. A high-volume inkjet printer is used to print and glaze a layer less than 1 mm thick on the tile. They provide a wide range of design variety and surface textures. Two major variants of this type are glazed tiles with nano-polish and soluble salt tiles.


  • Glazed tiles with nano-polish: These tiles are scratch- and slip-resistant, and are well-suited for outdoors. The glossy finish and polished surface make a good fit for hotels and offices.


  • Soluble salt tiles: This variety is made using a simpler technology and is resistant to abrasion and stains. Adding soluble salts to the colour forms different patterns and designs. The tiles are printed on screen before being fired upon.


Whatever your choice of vitrified tile, Vitero offers the best tile for every space. Their nanotech process makes the highest quality double charged vitrified tiles that not only boast longevity but also provide world-class designs. Head over to the website to browse through their wide array of vitrified tile collections.

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