Terrace Tiles- 5 things you need to consider

December - 2018

Top 5 things to consider for your terrace tiles

When you have a terrace that spacious, you obviously would want to, at least, mull over its renovation. And why shouldn’t you? For as long as your memory serves you, you have had a penchant for magnificent terrace décor. And ever since you saw that picture of a drop-dead gorgeous rooftop patio on the front cover of a magazine, you wanted to reimagine yours, too.


Since tiles are in trend, and there literally are tiles in varying arrays, ranging from classic to vintage to straight up chic in the market for you to pick from, you want to get your terrace tiled too.


When installing terrace floor tiles, use tiles that are particularly fashioned to be used for terrace flooring. You wouldn’t want to spend grands on your terrace tiles, only for them to chip and crack, and to find out that they are not worth your money. You have to be very careful while picking the right texture, right size, an appropriate color of the tiles, and see if they are weather resistant or not.

To make it easy on you, here’s a list of few things to consider before getting your terrace tiles.


Cold Resistant:

Tiles, especially if you choose marble as your terrace tiles are prone quickly absorb cold. Rendering it impossible for you to walk barefoot on your terrace floor tiles. Walking on them would feel hell of a lot like walking on ice slabs. Picking tiles for your terrace flooring that are cold resistant, lets you to enjoy staying out on the terrace late in the night.


Stain Resistant:

Potting is a very indulging habit. It would definitely add an extra charm to your already astounding terrace. But, the mud may leave brownish stains on your terrace tiles, that may or may not go detected. There are a lot many things other than potting that could stain the terrace floor tiles. Tiling your terrace flooring with the type of tiles that are easily washable without leaving behind a single trace of stain, will keep your terrace tiles stain free.


Anti-skid Vitrified Tiles:

Smooth glazed surface tops of tiles make them prone to skidding when there is any kind of moisture on it. To make sure they don’t skid, pick anti-skid vitrified tiles for your terrace flooring.


Tiles that blends in with your interiors:

Installing terrace tiles that are a shade lighter or darker can make the entire layout of your place look awkward. Don’t take risks that could compromise the elegance of your home. Always opt for natural tiles.



As mentioned earlier, spending a lot of money on both terrace tiles and their installation won’t be worth if they are not durable. The tiles you pick for your terrace should be able to withstand rains and blazing sun. And not chip or crack if accidents of sorts should ever ensue.



One thing to keep in mind is that trends are ever changing when it comes to home’s décor. A wise, well thought out choice for your terrace tile designs will be to keep your home look trendy interminably, without you having to go an extra mile to change it every time there is a change in trend.


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