Wall tile designs you can take inspiration from

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Choosing a tile design to match the rest of your home decor can be very challenging. With so many options available in the market, finding the best one that suits your aesthetic needs is a difficult task. Commonly used as bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles, digital tiles are printed with attractive designs, textures, colours and finishes and can greatly influence the visual appeal of a place. They come with a shiny glaze coating that is printed using digital printing technology, allowing them to stand out and make a statement.

With more and more people opting to custom design their entire house - right from the windows to the tiles, there are a wide range of wall tile designs that you can seek inspiration from, to create the perfect walls. You can always go for the classic white tiles or grey tiles or take it up a notch and choose designer tiles. Here are some ideas that you can consider when selecting wall tiles for your homes. 

Colour combine it!

Different colours represent different moods and feelings and work better for certain places. For example, adding the colour pearl white or rich black to your decor gives out a more classy, modern look as compared to the colour bright yellow that creates warmth. Below are some colour combinations that go a long way in enhancing the overall visual appeal of a space.  

●    Whites, off-whites and creams- One can never go wrong with classics. Adding white tiles to your walls gives you a sense of increased space, makes it calmer and reflects light.

Digital Wall Tiles for Bathroom

●    Blue and white- Perfect for bathroom wall tiles, blue and white are a combination of peace, calmness and vibrancy. 

●    Shades of grey- Opt for grey tiles to add a sophisticated edge and a sleek look to your walls. 

●    Blue and green- Colours like aqua, blue, green and turquoise exude a sense of nature and add a soothing vibe to every space making them ideal for kitchen wall tiles. 

Attractive prints for visual impact

Enhance your plain walls by adding digital tiles that come in stunning designs. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, digital wall tiles help create an elevated visual impact.

1.    Checkered- Checkered tiles are a great way to experiment with colours and designs and yet have a sleek look. Choose from a wide range of checkered tiles available in different colours and add the extra fun element to plain walls. 

Digital Wall Tiles For Kitchen & Bathroom

2.    Horizontal lines- Not sure if you want to experiment? Opt for designer tiles with horizontal lines that create an effect of increased space and openness. These striped tiles incorporate a sense of continuity and make the walls aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

3.    Rustic- If you’re looking for a more earthy look, choose tiles that are beige, tan or other shades of brown. They add a welcoming and comforting effect along with making your wall decor look minimalistic yet impressive. 

4.    Floral- For bathroom tiles, an atmosphere that reflects nature makes a great choice. Go for floral wall tiles with exciting colours that add a relaxed vibe and make your space look a lot more lively.

Digital Wall Tiles for Bathroom

Make your walls stand out

Feature walls-
Create stunning feature walls that immediately stand out and grab attention. These walls are the ones that are open to most experimentation and liven up the entire space. Go for a bright, bold pattern to make a statement or choose a sophisticated design that adds a rich, contemporary look.

Accent tiles- 
Accent tiles play a great role in enhancing the walls of a space effortlessly. Choose a colour, print or pattern that complements the rest of the wall yet breaks its monotony. Adding accent designer tiles gives a more cohesive look to the wall. Checkered tiles or floral tiles work as a perfect choice for accent tiles. You can select these based on the overall colour palette of your walls.

Bathroom Digital Wall Tiles

When it comes to designing walls, digital wall tiles are an excellent choice as they are highly durable, easy to install and clean, and look great for decades. Explore the wide range of digital wall tiles at Vitero and choose from a variety of colours, prints, patterns and finishes to get designer tiles that suit your aesthetic and functional needs. 

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