What are Full Body Vitrified Tiles? 

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The right flooring can either make or break the look of a place. An ideal flooring should not only look pleasing to the eye but should also come with multiple benefits, easy maintenance, and long-lasting performance. Every space has distinctive functional and aesthetic needs and one should always choose tiles with features that work best for their space. 

Whether it is for a domestic or commercial purpose, different types of vitrified tiles like glazed vitrified tiles, double charged vitrified tiles and full body vitrified tiles can be used depending on the utility and design requirements of that place. 

For residential spaces one can opt for GVT or Polished GVT with attractive designs and prints, while full body vitrified tiles are perfect for commercial and industrial use. Being thicker than regular tiles, full body tiles are more durable and can withstand the brunt of heavy foot traffic. They last for years without wear and tear and are highly abrasion-resistant.

Advantages of Full Body Vitrified Tiles
Due to their versatility and high performance, vitrified full body tiles are high in strength and thickness, making them ideal for all public spaces.

1.    Extremely durable 
Built with the best raw materials and technology, full body tiles are thicker than regular tiles and offer a sturdy, lasting performance for years with minimum wear and tear. 

2.    Uniform colour throughout
Vitrified full body tiles have a uniform colour throughout and are consistent in their shape, size, and colour. This adds a classy and seamless look to your flooring that looks great for years without fading. 

3.    Anti-scratch and anti-stain
For industrial spaces, tiles that are low on maintenance and do not require expensive repairs are very essential. Full body vitrified tiles are stain and scratch-resistant, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.  

4.    Acid and chemical resistant
Full body vitrified tiles are also immune to damage by most acids and chemicals, making them an excellent choice for industrial use. They are also water-resistant and are neutral to the sun’s UV rays. 

5.    Anti-skid feature
These tiles also come with an anti-skid feature, which prevents slipping, falling and other accidents. 

Full body tiles not only give your spaces a uniform, sleek, and clean look, but can also significantly make your flooring look more refined. They are easy to install and don’t require frequent polishing or heavy maintenance. For commercial spaces that have a very high footfall, such qualities are extremely essential for a hassle-free experience. 

Manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and advanced Italian technology, vitrified full body tiles by Vitero are exceptionally high on durability and performance. With a tough build and unmatched quality, our tiles are a perfect match for all places. 

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