What is digital printing in vitrified tiles?

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Widely used across the flooring industry, earlier screen-printing was the only process employed by vitrified tiles manufacturers. In this method, depending on the design, a frame had to be prepared first, through which the tile was then screen printed. This process came with a lot of drawbacks relating to the quality of design and speed. 

However, the invention of digital printing revolutionized the floor tiles design technology and eliminated most of the challenges that came with screen printing. With digital printing, the manufacturing process remains similar but makes use of a digital printer and yields faster, better results with enhanced precision.

This form of digital printing technology is an easy, accessible, digitally-driven non-contact method of printing designs, patterns and images on a vast array of substrates. The process of digital printing can be employed beautifully on ceramic as well as vitrified floor and wall tiles and also brings in the additional benefit of incorporating any design.

Due to its several advantages over traditional flooring options, it is increasingly becoming the most preferred alternative by architects and interior designers. As opposed to other processes, digital printing technology provides an improved manufacturing process, enhanced design precision, increased production speed, exceptional pattern flexibility, higher resolution, easy execution, reduced and easier elimination of wastes and other residues, thus making it a popular, hassle-free method of tile decoration.

Furthermore, almost any design or pattern can be printed on the tiles, leading to unmatched customization and endless design possibilities.

Mimic the look of elegant marble and natural timber
With this printing technology, digital wall and floor tiles can easily be designed to look like real marble or wood. One can choose from a range of elegant marble finishes that help you achieve a rich, plush look or pick natural wooden finish digital tiles to give a nature-inspired look to your floors and walls.

● Unleash the creativity
When it comes to wall tiles, digital printing technology acts like a real game-changer. From creating focal points and accent walls to using them as a backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens, digital wall tiles come in the widest range of stunning prints and designs that are sure to artistically uplift your walls. Bid farewell to traditional untiled white walls and welcome these attractive digital wall tiles into your homes.

Easy to install, easier to maintain
Digital vitrified tiles are built in such a way that they are highly resistant to dirt, dust, staining, scratching, and water. With an installation time, lesser than other types of tiles, these tiles can be ready to use just after a short time post installation. Further, they also eliminate the need for frequent polishing and repairs.

Value for money
Digital printing technology has made building and maintaining creatively built, meticulously designed homes an easy task. It has made it affordable for the common man to achieve any desired look right from marble-like flooring in the living room to floral design-based walls in the kitchen, without having to spend huge amounts on extensive interior designing, buying real wood or marble or managing heavy maintenance post-Installation.

As good as new, for years
Digitally printed floor and wall tiles are immune to discoloration and fading and are also resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. They are water-tight and don’t chip, rot, crack or  break.

Here are some digital floor and wall tile designs by Vitero that you can seek inspiration from.

Vitero’s range of digitally printed glazed vitrified tiles and digital wall tiles come in a wide range of colours and finishes including glossy, matt, sugar, carving, high-glossy and baby soft to name a few. These tiles are excellent for use in a range of spaces including bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces.

https://viterotiles.com/glazed-vitrified-tiles/ethos-graphite- Ethos graphite
https://viterotiles.com/glazed-vitrified-tiles/rioha-statuario- Rioha Statuario
https://viterotiles.com/glazed-vitrified-tiles/cesta-nero- Cesta Nero

Vitero offers digital floor tiles in a variety of colours like black, grey, brown, red, green and more, primarily in a matt and sugar finish. The following tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms due to their anti-skid feature.

https://viterotiles.com/digital-floor-tiles/checkers-fl- Checkers-fl
https://viterotiles.com/digital-floor-tiles/glorio-fl - Glorio-fl
https://viterotiles.com/digital-floor-tiles/textura-fl- Textura-fl

The following are some ideas for digital wall tiles, available in a glossy, matt and sugar finish and ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces.

https://viterotiles.com/digital-wall-tiles/waves-hl - Waves-hl
https://viterotiles.com/digital-wall-tiles/motif-hl- Motif-hl
https://viterotiles.com/digital-wall-tiles/vista-mango-hl-1- Vista-mango-hl-1

At Vitero, we employ digital printing technology to manufacture glazed vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, and digital wall and floor tiles. All our products are built using  advanced Italian technology and premium quality raw materials, and come in a range of tile designs, tile patterns and tile colours. Our digital floor and wall tiles come with an anti- skid and anti-slip feature, making it safe to use by toddlers and the elderly. Discover our wide range of digitally printed glazed vitrified tiles and digital wall and floor tiles to give your  homes an aesthetically pleasing upgrade without compromising on the performance.

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