What makes vitrified tiles so popular?

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Vitrified tiles have made quite a mark in the flooring market in the past decade as the most preferred flooring material, earning a name above the previously preferred flooring options like marble, granite, or terracotta - and rightly so! 

Vitrified tiles have an upper hand in a lot of factors when compared to most other choices. Digital printing technology has proven to be a major play in this industry, making vitrified tiles available in an endless selection of designs and choices that even mimic the look of natural materials like wood and marble. The possibilities are never-ending when it comes to truly exhibiting your style!

The process of mixing clay and silica and heating the mixture to extremely high temperatures produces a non-porous tile (making it highly water resistant) with a glass-like texture, and therefore there is no further need for any additional layer of glaze. Tiles such as Glazed Vitrified floor and wall tiles combine these benefits with unmatched style.  

Here are some reasons that make vitrified tiles the ideal flooring choice:

Vitrified tiles are a high quality product since they are made with superior raw materials and usually have up to 0.5% water absorption. 

On the other hand, the quality of natural stones like marble or granite can be inconsistent, and wooden floorings require extensive maintenance to last long. But since vitrified tiles are machine-made products, this results in consistency in size, shade and performance. Tiles like Double charged vitrified tiles are extremely strong and durable, making them ideal for commercial spaces like malls or offices, where there is a lot of foot traffic.  

When compared to ceramic or granite, all types of vitrified tiles are more durable despite being thinner in comparison. They possess a much higher mechanical strength and look brand new even after years of use, with minimal maintenance. 

They are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant, and can take regular heavy loads which makes them the ideal choice for all spaces. Long lasting permanence in colour, texture and gloss also adds to the durability and quality for which vitrified tiles are well known. 

Safe and easy to maintain
Stain and water-resistant properties of vitrified tiles do most of the job at keeping it clean without any external intervention, which makes double charged vitrified tiles an ideal choice for areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Vitrified tiles make for the best floor tiles because they are highly hygienic as well, their anti-bacterial and allergen resistant property prevents bacteria and fungi from growing on them, making for a safe domestic environment. Their anti-skid feature also greatly minimizes chances of accidents. 

Availability of range and choices
Vitrified tile industry has designs for you to choose from, as per your preferred place of installation. For example, full body vitrified tiles are an ideal tile for places with heavy traffic like industries or office use, while glazed vitrified floor and wall tiles are less thick and ideal for a residential setting. 

Digital printing and a variety of finishes allows you to create the aesthetic look that you always desired for your space. Finishes such as high-gloss, matt, sugar, carving and wood-punch matt make up the array of the latest floor tiles design on offer. 

Vitrified tiles cost less than traditional flooring options like marble, granite, or wood. They are also very easy to maintain, helping you cut your maintenance costs in the long run. The installation process of these tiles is also quicker and cheaper than that of marble or granite. 

About Vitero 
Vitero Tiles are made from high-quality raw materials and manufactured using cutting-edge world-class technology, making them the preferred option when it comes to choosing the latest floor tiles. Vitrified wall and floor tiles from Vitero provide you with a wide range of finishes, patterns and colours that give you the freedom to suit your unique design aesthetic. This flexibility in design gives architects and interior designers the opportunity to expand their design horizons and create stunning indoor and outdoor spaces that are stunning to look at and easy to maintain.

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