Glossy finish vs Matt finish tiles

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Choosing the right flooring options is an inevitable part that defines the aura of a space. Today the flooring market is flooded with a sea of different styles, types and patterns of tiles, which can make finding the right fit for your space an overwhelming task.

Among the various types of textures and finishes, glossy and matt finish tiles are the most popular ones used by architects, interior designers and homeowners. Read on to know the differences between these two finishes and learn about their individual features.

Although both gloss and matt finish floor tiles are built with the same raw materials and undergo a similar manufacturing process, each finish has a varying level of shine and smoothness.

Glossy Finish

The key distinguishing factor between glossy and matt finish is the presence of a shiny, durable, glazed coating of liquid glass that gives a long-lasting sheen. This gloss enhances the colours and grains in the tile design, giving it a mirror-like finish and making it look spectacular.

Key Features

●    Make any space bigger & brighter
Glossy finish tiles have a stunning mirror-like sheen. Their reflective surface bounces light all around the space, making the room seem bigger and brighter. Glossy floor tiles are an excellent option for smaller spaces and for rooms that receive less natural light.

●    Easy to clean and maintain 
The smooth nature of the tiles makes it very easy to clean them with just one swipe using a damp mop.

●    Achieve a sleek look
Glossy floor tiles can add an elegant touch to any space.  For larger spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, marble-like glazed vitrified tiles with a gloss-finish are a perfect flooring choice. These tiles can effortlessly mimic the look of real marble and eliminate the need for high maintenance.   

●    Ideal fit for backsplashes 
Due to their ability to resist stains and scratches, glossy tiles are a great choice for bathroom and kitchen walls and backsplashes. These tiles also come in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs that one can choose from. 

Matt finish tiles   

In these tiles, a special layer is added on the top to help achieve a non-shiny, subtle look. The most prominent feature of these tiles is their anti-slippery nature, which makes them ideal for all spaces, including those with a high water usage like bathrooms, kitchens and balconies.

Key Features

●    Low Maintenance
Matt finish tiles are great at concealing scratches & stains, thus eliminating the need for intensive cleaning. Due to their low maintenance needs, matt tiles are a perfect option for busy places. 

●    Rustic Finish
Matt finish floor tiles are an excellent option if you are looking for a traditional, rustic or natural look for your space. 

●    Anti-slip properties
Matt tiles have better friction than glossy tiles, which makes them non-slippery. Their anti-skid feature makes them the best option for bathrooms and other wet areas. Additionally, they are a great choice for homes with children and pets. 

Both these tile finishes have their own pros and cons. One can opt for either of these styles, depending on the size, texture, color, lighting, and decor of the space. You can even mix both the tiles and create a fusion effect. 

For instance, you can go for gloss-finish tiles for living rooms or bedrooms and matt-finish tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences.

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Glossy Finish Vs Matt Finish Tiles


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