Why GVT is a preferred Tile?

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Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) are extensively used in commercial sectors, such as corporate offices, hotels and residences due to their aesthetic appeal and high durability and its easy to care capability other kind tiles don’t possess.

VITERO GVT is very stable even in extreme temperature fluctuating conditions. Has high flexural strength and a high breaking strength. These tiles have a glossy and smooth texture and keep clean for longer durations. These are among the many reasons why they are so popular and widely used for outdoor and indoor applications.


Many people put off using Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) in their homes or businesses because they wrongly think it will work out more expensive than other tile alternatives. But when they consider all the benefits these tiles bring, they find it to be a highly attractive proposition.

So make the time to get familiar with all the different benefits VITERO GVT brings, and before you know it, you too will happily pay that little extra without flinching.

They Are Beautiful

One of the biggest tile benefits VITERO GVT wall and floor tiles bring is the way they look after they are laid and when ready for use. As they are made from high-quality raw materials and are put together to be more like a luxury, high end product.

VITERO offers a huge range and finishes that makes them truly stunning. This tough tile solution looks better than most other tiles and will transform your space into something you will be truly proud of.

Offered In A Wide Range Of Styles

You are not limited by choices with all the different options available to you. The look, colour, pattern, and sizes these tiles are available in, makes it simple to match any style that you are interested in having in your home or business spaces.

Moreover, due to advanced digital printing technology, these flooring and wall tile options can be made to look like marble, hardwood and many other interesting textures and styles so you can choose from a range of wall and floor tile colors, patterns and finishes.

Looks Better, Resists Wear, Lasts Longer

VITERO GVT floor and wall tiles are highly resistant to wear and tend to last longer than most of the available choices available to you. That’s because their surface has zero air pockets and the surface pores are so tiny that dust particles find it hard to stick. They are made of denser material, have more uniform construction and are tougher than most other tile varieties.

They last for years, and are a top choice for business use or in rental properties because of just how durable they are over long time frames.

Excellent For High Traffic Areas

They are perfect for high traffic environments for a few different reasons, which makes them so desirable for business use. This flooring is highly resistant to wear, and breakage, withstands the constant impact of abrasive and sharp high heels and constant moving around of heavy furniture.

They Are Low On Maintenance

Maintaining floor and wall tiles can be really intensive when you have something like traditional Tiles, or it can be quick and easy when you have something like VITERO GVT wall and floor tiles.

They look great, they’re tough, and they are simple to maintain. They don’t require any special sealing to keep out water as some other tiles do.

Hygienic & Safe

These tiles do not harbor bacteria like other more porous tiles do. Safe for homes with infants, they are also very simple to wipe off. Business owners will love how easy it is to keep the flooring in good shape and looking good, and so will homeowners who want a neat and tidy looking space to live in.

Remember, a great flooring brings a sense of stability and creates a subtle grounding effect to the entirety of the interiors. Which is why it is of great importance that you choose VITERO GVT, the right option for your home or commercial spaces.

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